Plastic Rotational Molding, Custom Plastic Rotational Molding

Hedstrom Plastics provides rotational molding processing in polymer resins and PVC. Production runs three shifts, five to seven days per week by a committed team with significant rotational molding experience.

We have in-house mixing capabilities for both Vinyl and Polyethylene compounds, allowing us to be more competitive and offering more color options for our customers.  We also purchase materials in large volumes keeping material costs down.

We mold LLDPE, high density, low density, cross-link, vinyl, EVA, nylon, micro pellets, polypropylene and regrind materials. Hedstrom Plastics also specializes in vinyl and EVA molding, giving you more options for your product.

We offer foaming capabilities for insulating and structural requirements. Hedstrom also has assembly services, including trimming, drilling, router work, spin weld fittings, threaded inserts, in-mold labeling, product assembly and packaging.

With 3 facilities and 33 machines, Hedstrom Plastics has the capacity to handle large and small production runs. Feel assured that we have the warehousing capacity for your needs. You can also benefit from our lower shipping rates. Overall, you will enjoy extra savings with a better plastic product.

Our Five-axis CNC router with dual 5’ tables allows various sizes and configuration of parts to be accurately finished. The CNC is equipped with an automatic tool changer that provides faster changes between various types of cuts.